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What to do with those Easter leftovers

ONeal Easter Leftovers Pic within BlogEaster has come and gone. But while most of the festivities from the weekend are over, the leftovers are probably still taking up space in your fridge. Instead of letting all of those delicious eggs and sweets go to waste, why not make the most of what you’ve got?

Parents Magazine recently shared 25+ Things to Do with Easter Leftovers. And while some of their peep-inspired suggestions sound less than appetizing, there are a few ideas that sound absolutely delectable. Below are some of our top choices.

Cheesy Veggie Scramble

Quick, easy and healthy, this cheesy veggie scramble recipe is the perfect way to start your morning off on the right foot — and it’s a great way to make the most of those leftover Easter eggs you have on hand. All you need are some eggs, a few veggies and maybe a side of toast to complete this dish.

7 Egg Suppers

There are plenty of egg dishes you can make to use up all those extra Easter eggs. From a cheese and broccoli tart and egg sausage muffins to a twist on an ordinary pizza and even some classic frittatas, these delicious seven egg suppers will keep you and your family full and satisfied for the days following your Easter celebration.

Peep-Rice Krispie Treats

One of the best ways to make the most of your leftover Peeps is by making them into a big batch of Rice Krispie Treats! All you need are the classic ingredients that go into a normal Rice Krispie Treat, and then you add in the Peeps in place of regular marshmallows. Plus, the pastel color of the Peeps adds a nice, colorful touch to these mouthwatering cereal bars.

Peep S’mores

Also referred to as “S’meeps,” this delicious treat is an easy way to get rid of those extra Peeps in a hurry. And as summer quickly approaches, these s’meeps will happily fit in with your evenings spent enjoying the outdoors with your family. Tasting just like s’mores with an extra crunch of sugar and some added color, s’meeps can be made by popping the Peeps into the oven for a slight, crisp toasting.

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