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Greer & Greenville, South Carolina

O'Neal Village is located in Greer, South Carolina's second fastest-growing city. This Upstate town is known for its recreation and park facilities, and is home to the only BMW manufacturing facility in North America, the Greenville-Spartanburg commercial airport and the South Carolina Inland Port, a streamlined rail connection to Charleston's port. Greer's charming downtown area, known as Greer Station, is notable for its 20th-century commercial architecture, with 40 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Greer is about 14 miles from Greenville, a mid-sized city set in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a revitalized downtown that's become a national model for success. Greenville boasts a robust arts scene, engaging public art and riverfront pathways; nearby state parks and hiking trails make it an outdoor lover.s dream, too. Known for its small-town yet hip vibe, it's the state's fastest growing area and features a trendy mix of restaurants, high-end hotels and bars, galleries, performance centers, outlets and boutique shops.

Named one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the U.S. by CNNMoney, it's no surprise Greenville.s population continues to grow steadily, as reported by the Greenville Area Development Corporation. Residents stroll along tree-lined streets and walkways that border the Reedy River waterfall. Warehouses and old buildings have been reinvented as shops and restaurants; former 19th century mills are now upscale condos and lofts. In the 32-acre Greenville Falls Park, the 345-foot pedestrian Liberty Bridge is the big attraction. On a former railroad corridor, the 20-mile Swamp Rabbit, a walking-and-biking trail, links Greenville to the town of Travelers Rest. Once one of the world's major textile-producing hubs, today the Blue Ridge town is home to industries including General Electric and Michelin, which has its North American headquarters here along with other auto-parts makers. It also sustains arts organizations including the Metropolitan Arts Council and the Peace Center for the Performing Arts, Bon Secours Wellness Arena which hosts more than 300 events and has four resident companies.
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