End-of-Summer Celebrations

As summer winds down, we reflect on all of the fun that was had over the past few months. Long days were filled with afternoon naps and time spent with family, and vacations were centered around decadent food and an overall celebration of life. And so, as our summer of spoils comes to a close,… Read More

Quick & Easy No-Cook Summer Recipes

After spending a long afternoon in the sun or out at the lake, it can be difficult to find the motivation to make a home-cooked meal. Plus, who wants to spend time over a hot oven when it’s in the high 90’s outside? Luckily, Better Homes & Gardens recently shared 25 No-Cook Recipes for Summer… Read More

Summer Party Ideas for Kids

Summer parties are some of the best parties. Not only are the days longer and the nights warmer, but there’s something almost magical about summertime in the South. And for kids who were born this time of year, summer is especially magical because birthday parties tend to get elevated to a whole other level of… Read More

Best Summer Bulbs

Whether they are annuals or perennials, there are plenty of stunning blooms available to give your garden a boost this season. Take a look at Better Home & Gardens picks for the best summer bulbs. Dahlia – One of the most versatile bulbs for summer gardens, the Dahlia blooms come in nearly every color and… Read More