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8 Best Mother’s Day Gifts

ONeal Mothers Day Pic within BlogCountry Living recently shared the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide, which outlined more than 35 different gift ideas. Since we know not all of you have time to go through every single one of those, we’ve decided to share our favorites with you. Bonus: these will work for mothers, mother-in-laws, mothers-to-be and grandmothers. You’re welcome.

Garden Party Recipe Box

First up is this recipe box. It’s so cute and can be used to store mom’s super secret recipes and all of those classic favorites she’s made over the years. If she’s not much of a cook, this box can also be used to store spare change, or to help decorate her space.


Whether your mom is a world traveler or just one who loves fashion, a tote is a staple item that she can use time and time again. There’s this chic, floral bag for long travel, or this cute every-day tote that she can take with her to the farmer’s market.


All moms deserve to be pampered every now and again. To help mom harness her chi and relax, try out this aromatic body oil. Made with coconut, sunflower, jojoba oils and evening primrose, her skin will feel incredible — and the dried pink flowers infused with Hawaiian melia frangipanti oil makes the packaging look incredible, too. 

Plant a Tree

For the moms who love the outdoors, consider planting a tree in the yard in her honor. This dogwood is a perfect pick, as it blooms each spring, right around Mother’s Day. So, every time it blooms, she’ll think of you and remember how much you care for her.

Succulent Wall Art

One of the biggest trends right now is succulent wall art. Blow your mom away with her very own succulent garden that she can greet every morning or enjoy while she’s relaxing on the patio. Bonus: succulents are extremely easy to maintain, so if your mom doesn’t have a green thumb, this is the perfect gift for her.

Personalized Art

Is your mom an avid reader? Music lover? Or maybe she just gives the best advice? Consider having artwork made featuring her favorite quote, music lyrics or advice she’s ever given to you — even if you weren’t smart enough to listen to her advice the first go-around.

Personalized Crock

For the moms who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, this fun and whimsy crock is both personal and beautiful. Get her name etched in this premium Tennessee clay and fill up its two-gallon center with lots of fresh blooms for her to enjoy.


If all else fails, go with the classic gift: a fresh spring bouquet. Fill it with her favorite blooms and watch as her face lights up at your thoughtfulness. If you’re out of town, have them delivered to her door that morning — just make sure you order it in advance.

Regardless of what you end up giving for Mother’s Day, remember that it’s the thought that counts. And on this day and every day, celebrate and give thanks for that special woman in your life.

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