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How to Clean House for the New Year

After the holidays, your home is bound to have endured some changes. Whether your closet welcomed the addition of some new clothes or your fridge is overflowing with leftovers, all of these things are signs that you had a successful holiday season.

And while we welcome all these changes when they’re happening, once the New Year begins, we’re interested in starting fresh. So how do you give your house the clean start it deserves? Here are a few tips.

First, get rid of the clutter. This is one of the best and least expensive steps you can take to get your home prepped for the New Year. Anything that you haven’t used or worn in a year should either go into the trash or into a donation box. Go room by room and get the whole family involved. As for that mountain of gifts? For every new item you keep, give away three. That way you’re not just piling stuff onto more stuff.

The next step is to get organized. Designate a place for everything. If it doesn’t need to be seen, stick it in a drawer — just make sure you remember where you’ve stored these items. For example, if there are any bills you want to hang onto, have a ‘bill drawer’ that you can keep them all in. Put away your DVDs or CDs into organized baskets and have a designated storage space for any extra blankets you want to keep in your living room. Once everything has its place, your home will look and feel better overall.

Finally, the best way to achieve a clean house is to, well, clean. But don’t just limit your cleaning to the minutes before company arrives. Set up a weekly cleaning schedule that will help you maintain cleanliness throughout your house all year long. For example, make sure that all of the dishes get put into the dishwasher every night. Designate someone to check the trashcans and toilet paper supply throughout the house each morning. And, if possible, have an all-hands-on-deck approach to dusting, washing, and mopping. If you divide and conquer, your cleaning duties will be over with before you know it.

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