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Downtown Greer ‘experiencing dramatic evolution’

According to a recent article featured in the Upstate Business Journal, our Greer community is on the cusp of an exciting evolution. Scott Stevens, a business owner looking to plant roots in the Upstate, is one of many business owners who have flocked to the Greer community.

“They have a plan for where they’re going,” he says. “Greer really has a vision.”

The vision that drew Stevens and many other retailers to downtown Greer, or Greer Station as it’s referred to based on the former train station, came from The Partnership for Tomorrow, a community initiative for the future of Greer, which commissioned the Greer Community Master Plan.

The plan focuses on growing the local economy and emphasizing entrepreneurship; promoting the walkable, outdoor areas of the city; and enhancing aspects of the city that are uniquely Greer while using its history to shape forward momentum.

All of the planning over nearly two decades has led to two monumental and transformative projects — a full downtown streetscape plan and the previously announced Greer hotel by Greenville-based Sycamore Investment Group at the corner of North Main and East Poinsett streets in conjunction with a new parking garage. These massive undertakings will occur at about the same time, beginning this month.

Additionally, the repaving of downtown Greer’s alleyways and parking lots began May 7. The entire project, the largest visible undertaking of which is transforming Trade Street’s retail and restaurant corridor by replacing asphalt with pavers and creating a wider, walkable area while still allowing vehicular traffic, will continue into 2019.

According to Greer Mayor Rick Danner, these projects are, without exaggeration, game changers for downtown. He says the projected returns on the projects are more than monetary, namely a boost in overall confidence in the vitality of downtown Greer, which is evidenced by single-digit vacancy rates.

Greer Station Association (GSA), the downtown merchant association with 65 contributors, is responsible for much of the success of the local merchants and restaurants in many of those historic buildings through its centralized marketing efforts and events.

GSA will be ramping up marketing efforts during the streetscape project to ensure businesses are not impacted negatively by the road closures and entrances being temporarily obstructed, said Katie Howell, the marketing and research director for GSA.

Read the full article on Upstate Business Journal and be sure to share your thoughts on our community’s growth in the comments.

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