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Get Better Sleep with a Bedroom Makeover

ONeal Bedroom Pic within BlogThere’s nothing worse than a restless night of sleep. And while you may have tried all the tricks to help you sleep better through the night, you may not have considered establishing a new sleeping environment.

The first thing you need to consider is what you have in your room. Is your desk in there? Do you have a TV situated at the bottom of your bed? Things like this can prove to be a distraction when bedtime rolls around and you’re trying to get some shut-eye.

We’ve all be tempted to catch those last few minutes of our favorite late night show or check on that last Facebook post. A word to the wise: put the electronics away at least 30 minutes before you get into bed to help your mind wind down.

Next, how dark does your room get at night? If you are stuck next to a bright streetlight, it may be difficult to achieve complete and total darkness. Unfortunately, if you struggle with sleep, total darkness is exactly what you need. It may be a good idea to invest in some blackout curtains that you can shut at night. Just remember to open them when you’re ready to wake up — while a lot of light can deprive you of crucial REM sleep, it can also help strengthen your circadian rhythms.

When you stand in your room, pay attention to your senses:

  • Does the room feel cold? Add in a fan to help circulate some cool air in the room. Keeping your body cool at night helps you sleep better.
  • What do you smell? Mask those sweaty gym socks with scents such as lavender, which is extremely soothing and can help you relax before bedtime.
  • What do you hear? If your house is especially creaky or you are next to a busy street, a noise machine may be a good investment. Drowning out background noise with sounds like white noise or crashing waves has been shown to help people relax and sleep more soundly.
  • How do your sheets feel? Cozy materials like silk and cotton in a high thread count will help you sink into a relaxing, deep sleep more easily.

Finally, look at the design of your room. What color are your walls? Calming shades such as blue, green or purple will help you establish your bedroom as a place of sleep and relaxation, as opposed to bright colors which can oftentimes cause you to feel stressed or anxious. And how is your room set up? Feng Shui is actually a really helpful way to improve the energy within your room. Being able to see the door from  your bed can help you relax, and removing mirrors from your bedroom will help keep too much energy from bouncing around and keep you up at night.

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