Spook-tacular Halloween Treats in Greer

Here at O’Neal Village in Greer, Halloween is right around the corner (just like we’re right around the corner from Greenville, South Carolina)! And if you are hosting a Halloween party or simply trying to get into the holiday spirit, these creative and delicious Halloween-inspired dishes will definitely do the trick. Desserts Halloween wouldn’t be… Read More

All About the Eclipse in Greer

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard that the solar eclipse is coming to Greer, South Carolina on Monday, August 21. And you’ve probably also heard that the path of totality will be passing directly over O’Neal Village, just outside of Greenville, South Carolina. Not sure what… Read More

Greenville Summer Bucket List

Here in O’Neal Village in Greer, South Carolina, we all have some sort of life bucket list. Maybe it includes reading through a list of your iconic books or exploring exotic lands. Whatever’s on your list, summer is the perfect time of year to start checking things off — and maybe even adding a few to… Read More