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How to Have the Best Tailgating Party Ever

It’s the best season in the South: football season! If the game is sold out or away, why not skip the stadium and have your very own tailgating party in O’Neal Village? Fire up the party before the game starts with these tips:


If you prepare everything you can ahead of time, it won’t infringe on your good time during the party and gametime. Make sure to prep food and drinks in advance (as you can) and get decorations up beforehand.

Create the perfect party atmosphere.

Take it from Bleacher Report and use your college days for inspiration. Set up a tailgate tent in your backyard along with picnic tables, coolers and classic Solo cups. Make sure to prominently display your team’s colors; this is no time for subtlety. Put some party songs or the pregame on the radio and have some fun! Worried about the noise disturbing your neighbors? Invite them over too!

Be considerate.

Consider setting up a charging station for guests so that they can charge their phones after checking scores, Instagramming your awesome party and playing music. Also make sure you’re well-stocked on essentials like paper towels and toilet paper.

Give people something to do.

If you have an especially active circle of friends, why not round up a game of flag football before the big game? And don’t forget classic games like beer pong, flip cup or cornhole to rouse partygoers’ competitive spirits!

Have fun with the menu.

First things first: you simply must light up the charcoal grill to add to that festive fall feeling and serve beer along with other offerings. The food is where the fun really is! We’ve rounded up the best recipes for your next party from Midwest Living, Country Living, Food and Wine and Southern Living.

Kick it up a notch.

By simply planning ahead, you’re already on your way to success! A party is much more fun the more people you have, so send out texts, evites, or should it be a championship game, a formal invitation. Have fun with decorations, the menu and the little touches that put your signature on the event!

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