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Upstate Resident Secures Dream Home in O’Neal Village

ONeal Rebecca Pic within BlogBorn and raised in the Upstate, Rebecca Illsley always knew she wanted to live here. Her parents still live here and so do her three sisters. Plus, her husband’s family is also in Greenville. And family is a huge part of how they ended up in O’Neal Village.

“We wanted to stay around here because of our family,” explained Rebecca. “But we wanted to buy a home that would be more long-term and be able to grow with us.”

The search started in 2014, with Rebecca and her husband, Taylor, looking for a home that would be in between his office in downtown Greenville and her salon in Greer. After months of not quite finding what they were looking for, they stumbled upon O’Neal Village.

“As soon as we pulled in, I knew this was where I wanted to be,” said Rebecca. “It was very affordable for what we were looking for and it’s in a great location — only five minutes from my salon.”

Shortly after, they closed on their dream home in O’Neal Village and moved in in October 2014. Since then, Rebecca has enjoyed getting to know her neighbors and immersing herself into the O’Neal Village community.

“I’m actually on the welcoming committee,” said Rebecca. “There’s three of us and we always greet the new residents, bring them a welcoming gift and provide them with any contact information they may need.”

With such a close-knit community, Rebecca feels completely safe and taken care of.

“If anything goes wrong, I can just shoot my neighbors a quick text,” explained Rebecca. “My neighbors have come over and helped me fix my car on three different occasions.”

What else does Rebecca love about O’Neal Village besides the people?

“The amenities. We use the gym, the pool, we’ll do fireplace gatherings in the fall and winter with our neighbors,” said Rebecca. “We’ve visited the church, my husband has loved playing on the new basketball court, and even though we don’t have a dog or kids, we’ve heard a lot of great things about the dog park and Little Me Academy.”

Another amenity Rebecca and her husband have enjoyed is the community garden. She enjoys that it is something the community can do together and that there’s always a variety of produce to choose from.

“It really is a group effort,” explained Rebecca. “Anyone can plant anything and it’s great to be able to get fresh produce right in our backyard.”

And while Rebecca loves all of the amenities that O’Neal Village offers now, she’s really looking forward to what will be coming in the future.

“I’m excited for stores and a few restaurants to come in,” said Rebecca. “But it’s still great because we’re still so close to downtown Greer, downtown Greenville and downtown Traveler’s Rest. It really is the perfect spot.”

If you’re new to the community, you’ve probably already met Rebecca — and if you haven’t, chances are you will very soon!

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